Reducing poverty and inequality in Scotland

Providing independent advice to Scottish Ministers on poverty and inequality; monitoring progress; and proposing solutions to reduce poverty and inequality in Scotland.

How we work

The Commission's main role is to provide independent advice to Scottish Ministers on reducing poverty and inequality in Scotland and to scrutinise the progress that is being made.

Solution focused

Not just describing the problem.

About numbers & people

Reducing the big numbers in poverty but also ensuring that solutions work for everyone.

Honest & realistic

Bringing honesty and clarity to the debate, being pragmatic and realistic about action required.


Having the will to say what is right, not what is easy.

Speaking up for those who are often not heard

Tackling stigma and recognising the needs of those who are under-represented.


 Helping wider society understand the challenges and building consensus to action,


Working with others and offering support where positive steps are being taken.

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The work of the first Commission has come to an end  Learn more