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The core Poverty and Inequality Commission represents a broad range of experience and knowledge, however in order to provide robust advice it may on occasion be necessary to draft in additional expertise. These groups will be formed to examine a particular issue or area of policy, it is anticipated that the number of working groups will not exceed 2 – 3 in any given year.

Working Groups will be formed at the discretion of the Commission, and a lead Commissioner(s) will be appointed to oversee each project. Groups will be short-life and contribute to the work of the Commission.

Each group’s findings will be published at the end of each project through an appropriate report.

Poverty and Inequality Commission Covid-19 Response Working Group

The Commission has established a COVID-19 working group focused on immediate responses to the crisis. The remit of the working group is to support efforts to respond to the coronavirus crisis and ensure that impacts on poverty and inequality are adequately addressed in any response.

The group is chaired by Bill Scott. Other members of the group are Morag Treanor, Lindsay Graham, Katie Schmuecker and Shona Stephen.

Meetings and Correspondence
The working group has been set up for 6 months initially.

Working group minutes and correspondence can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Minutes 2 April 2020

Minutes 30 April 2020

Minutes – 14 May 2020

Minutes 28 May 2020

Minutes – 11 June 2020

Minutes 25 June 2020

Minutes 13 August 2020




Addressing Low Income Policy Circle Group

The Commission was asked by Scottish Government to form the Addressing Low Income Policy Circle. Addressing Low Income Policy Circle members are tasked with developing proposals and recommendations to tackle and reduce levels of poverty in Scotland for consideration by the Social Renewal Advisory Board and following this by Scottish Ministers.                                                               
Group Membership
Group members include existing members of the Poverty and Inequality Commission, supplemented by Social Renewal Advisory Board members and the co-chair of the Scottish Leaders Forum action group on child poverty.

Meetings and Correspondence
Dates for the future policy circle meetings will be 23 July, 6 August thereafter the policy circle will meet monthly. The  group will be drawn to a close at the end of November 2020.

Working group minutes and correspondence can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Terms of Reference

Minutes – Addressing Low Income Policy Circle – 9 July 2020

Minutes – Addressing low income policy circle – 23 July 2020

Minutes – Addressing Low Income Policy Circle – 6 August 2020





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