Comment on Scottish Government poverty statistics 2022-23

Commenting on the publication of new official statistics on poverty, including child poverty, by the Scottish Government this morning, Chair of the Poverty and Inequality Commission Professor Stephen Sinclair said:

“The latest child poverty statistics are disappointing and show that more work is needed from the Scottish Government to ensure it meets Scotland’s statutory child poverty targets and its wider aims of reducing poverty for all.

“The increase in value and extension of the Scottish Child Payment has made a positive difference to the circumstances of hundreds of thousands of children, but this alone has not been enough to keep Scotland on track towards the 2030 targets.

“The Commission is concerned about the lack of progress. The Scottish Government must take a hard look at its policies and commit the level of funding required to deliver the targets, as it is clear that its performance does not match its ambition.

“The Commission calls upon the Scottish Government and all parties which signed up to the targets to work together to make the wider changes that Scotland needs to meet the targets.”

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