Learning from the Commission’s Experts by Experience Panel

22 December 2023

In August 2021, the Commission established its first Experts by Experience Panel made up of 19 people from across Scotland with lived experience of poverty. The Panel was developed to embed participation in the work of the Commission and to ensure that those with lived experience of poverty were engaged in all aspects of the Commission’s work. The Panel ran for almost two years, until June 2023.

The Commission has produced a learning report that details the purpose, process and context of the Commission’s approach to establishing and working with the Panel. We hope that the learning will improve participation work within the Commission and also prove useful for others engaged in, or seeking to develop, participatory processes with experts by experience.

In the report, you will find details of:

  • The Commission’s objectives in establishing the Panel.
  • The context in which the Panel was established and embedded.
  • The Commission’s approach to embedding the participation of the Panel in its work, including principles, design, methods and approach to learning.
  • Details of the activities that the Panel took part in.
  • The impact of the Panel on Panel members, the Commission and Scottish Government.
  • Reflections on and key learning from the Commission’s work with the Panel.

Download the full report, including a summary here
(PDF, 48 Pages, 1.12 MB)

Download a summary of the report here
(PDF, 8 Pages, 595 KB)

Download the visual summary from the report here
(PDF, 3 Pages, 302 KB)

Case Studies of some key pieces of work the Panel contributed to can be found here: Case Studies – Experts by Experience Panel (2021 – 2023)

Supplementary Documents

Panel Terms of Reference

The Panel worked with the Commission to develop Terms of Reference. This outlined the purpose of the Panel, the details of membership, the roles of Panel members and the Commission, and ways of working.
Panel Terms of Reference_2021-23 (.docx, 45kb)

Panel Group Agreement

The Panel worked with the Commission to develop a Group Agreement. This outlined how Panel members, members of the Secretariat and Commissioners work together in a group context.
Panel Group Agreement_2021-23(.docx, 53kb)

Further Survey Results

At the links below, you will find a summary of responses from Panel members and Commissioners to the questions asked in a series of surveys that have, along with other evidence, informed this report.

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