Poverty & Inequality Commission Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2021-22

June 2022

The Poverty and Inequality Commission has published its Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2021-22. The report sets out the Commission’s comments on Scottish Government’s progress towards meeting the child poverty targets. It was prepared for the Scottish Government in May 2022, in order to inform the Scottish Government’s child poverty progress report. This report draws on the work done by the Commission’s Experts by Experience Panel, and work with children and young people, carried out in partnership with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS) and Aberlour, to think about progress in reducing child poverty so far.

The reports finds that the action taken so far is very unlikely to be enough to meet the 2030 child poverty targets, but that the commitments made in the 2022-2026 Child Poverty Delivery Plan should help the Scottish Government make progress. Further action is needed now to deliver the kinds of the transformative policies that will be required in order to meet the 2030 targets.

Download: Poverty and Inequality Commission Child Poverty scrutiny report 2021-2022

Download: Child Poverty Scrutiny Executive Summary 2021-22

Download: Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2021-22 (Easy Read PDF)

The Scottish Government progress report can be found here

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