Poverty and Inequality Commission Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2022-23

13 June 2023

The Poverty and Inequality Commission has published its Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2022-23. The report sets out progress in 2022-23 towards meeting the child poverty targets.

The report finds that while increasing the Scottish Child Payment to £25 per week undoubtedly represents significant progress, more action is required at a greater scale or Scotland will miss the 2030 child poverty targets.

In preparing the Scottish Government’s annual Child Poverty Progress Report, Scottish Ministers must consult the Poverty and Inequality Commission on the progress that is being made towards meeting the child poverty targets.

The Commission has worked with members of its Experts by Experience Panel to look in detail at what progress has been made in implementing some of the major commitments in the Scottish Government’s second child poverty delivery plan, Best Start, Bright Futures.

Download the Executive Summary (pdf,  970kb)

Download the full Child Poverty Scrutiny Report 2022-23 (pdf, 892kb)


The Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan: annual progress report 2022 – 2023 can be found here.

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