Analysis carried out to inform the Commission’s Child Poverty Delivery Plan Advice

May 2018

Policy Scotland provided analysis to the Poverty and Inequality Commission to inform the Commission in developing its advice on the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

For some of the analysis used by the commission, download the documents below.

  • Child Poverty report
    Report on the Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland 2014-17 examines the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2017, in the context of the child poverty targets set out in the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act. The aim is to provide a basis for assessment of the effectiveness of measures intended to reduce child poverty. The authors, Evan Williams, Nick Bailey and Des McNulty of the University of Glasgow, find that many of the policies are expected to have a significant positive impact on different aspects of child poverty; however, gaps are identified in relation to the private rented sector and in how the Living Wage campaign is targeted.
  • Local Contributions report
    Local Contributions to Tackling Poverty and Inequality in Scotland considers the contribution of local action to tackle poverty and inequality in Scotland, specifically, local action at the administrative scale of the local authority. The author, John H. McKendrick of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University, focuses on the evidential basis for and arguments in favour of locally targeted poverty reduction efforts.

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