Poverty and Inequality Commission – Housing Wealth Inequality in Scotland summary report

The Poverty and Inequality Commission have published research on housing wealth inequality in Scotland.

Find the report here:https://povertyinequality.scot/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Poverty-and-inequality-housing-wealth-inequality-summary-report.pdf

This summary report captures the main findings from two connected pieces of research:
• an international evidence review conducted by researchers at the University of Glasgow representing the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence and Policy Scotland; https://housingevidence.ac.uk/publications/housing-wealth-inequalities-in-scotland

• empirical analysis of the most recent data, produced by the Resolution Foundation https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/publications/taking-stock-report-for-the-scottish-poverty-and-inequality-commission/



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