Poverty and Inequality Commission – Housing Wealth Inequality in Scotland summary report

The Poverty and Inequality Commission have published research on housing wealth inequality in Scotland.

Find the report here:

This summary report captures the main findings from two connected pieces of research:
• an international evidence review conducted by researchers at the University of Glasgow representing the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence and Policy Scotland;

• empirical analysis of the most recent data, produced by the Resolution Foundation



Poverty and Inequality Commission scrutiny of the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan progress report

The Scottish Government has published its first Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan progress report. The progress report can be read here

As required under the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017, the Scottish Government consulted the Commission in advance of preparation of the progress report. The Scottish Government provided the Commission with updates on progress with actions in Every child, every chance: tackling child poverty delivery plan 2018-2022 to assist it in undertaking scrutiny and providing advice. The Commission commented on:

·         What progress has been made during the reporting year towards meeting the targets?

·         Does it appear to the Commission that such progress is sufficient to meet the child poverty targets?

·         What further progress does the Commission consider is required to meet the targets?

The Scottish Government’s progress report includes details of how the Scottish Government has responded to the Commission’s advice. The Commission’s full advice to the Scottish Government can be read here Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan progress report

Transport and Poverty in Scotland – Report of the Poverty and Inequality Commission

The Poverty and Inequality Commission has published a report making recommendations to make transport more affordable and accountable for people on low incomes in Scotland.

Transport was identified as a priority for the Commission when it consulted on what issues it should focus on. A Commission working group reviewed existing evidence relating to transport and poverty, and worked with the Poverty Alliance, Oxfam and HUG to hold two workshops with people with lived experience of poverty to explore their experiences of transport and ideas for change.

The Commission has made thirteen recommendations covering issues including affordability, accountability, taking a rights-based approach to transport, involving communities in designing transport services and better meeting the needs of women and disabled travellers.

Download: Transport and Poverty in Scotland

The Poverty Alliance, working with Oxfam and HUG, organised and facilitated two workshops for the Commission with people with lived experience of poverty, which informed the Commission’s recommendations. Summaries from the two workshops are available below.

Download: Glasgow Transport Event 

Download: Lairg Transport Event

Poverty and Inequality Commission’s response to the Scottish Budget

The Poverty and Inequality Commission has analysed the extent to which the Scottish Budget tackles poverty and inequality. The Commission has looked at what is being spent in the Budget to tackle poverty and inequality; how effectively tax policy is being used to raise revenue to fund public services; and how evidence is used in the Budget to make decisions around tackling poverty and inequality.

Download: Poverty and Inequality Commission’s response to the Scottish Budget

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